toryuken 6 TORYUKEN

TORYUKEN 6: Toronto’s FGC Major Event

TORYUKEN 6 is coming on Victoria Day weekend. Time to defend our city and country with our awesome skills in fighting games yet again. The battle will be fierce. The competition will be stacked. And the salt levels will be at its highest. A weekend that is sure to bring you the very best hype that only the FGC can deliver. Join us for TORYUKEN 6 on May 19th-21st.

Northern Battles 30 Street Fighter

Northern Battles 30: Meltdown

Northern Battles 30 is coming at you in the New Year. We going to Meltdown this time around. The newest eSports bar in Toronto. Who will be the very first champion of 2017. Don’t like tournaments but want to hang, come and join us for casual play.

Canada East Championship CEC

Canada East Championships 4 – Mar. 4th

Canada East Championships 4 is coming March 4th. 2017. We are embarking on a new year of FGC in Canada. A 1 day gaming event, packed full of FGC event for you to enjoy. Featuring SFV, ST, KOFXIV, UMvC3, Revelator, BBCF, MKXL and hopefully Tekken 7. Join us for CEC4.

stun city sfv results Street Fighter

Stun City SFV – 12/07/2016

Thanks to everyone who came last night for Stun City SFV. We got a good crowd of gamers. Our weekly show is definitely shaping up week after week so hopefully you (our viewers) are enjoying what you see.

Stun City results Street Fighter

Stun City SFV results – 11/30/2016

Thanks to everyone who came last night for Stun City SFV. Congrats to TTT Italdan for becoming our 2nd Stun City Champion. Shoutouts to placers. Regardless of turnout, you guys put on a good show. The stream was amused.

Stun City Banner Street Fighter

Stun City – Mondays and Wednesdays welcomes you to Stun City. The very first ever FGC show that displays competition, rivalry and the very best entertainment in fighting games. Join us every Mondays and Wednesdays. Read more details below.

maximum impact BlazBlue

Maximum Impact 2: Nov. 20th

Maximum Impact 2 is coming. This coming Nov. 20th is your time to shine. Experience battle, rivalry and the salt that only the Canadian players can provide. Join us for Maximum Impact 2.