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TTT: SFV Invitationals (May 7th)

Can you believe that 2 months has already passed since Street Fighter V has graced our lovely community. Top 8 of our Rankings will invited to our Invitationals on the first weekend of May. The day of reckoning is upon us yet again. There will be SFV Singles and Teams tournament that day as well. Read more after the break.

TTT SFV Weekly Results and Archive – 02/24/2016

Thanks to everyone who came yesterday. I was definitely worried about losing numbers due to $5 tourney. It was not 49 but 34 was awesome. Top 4 got paid. Play stronger as ever next week. SFV Results Supreme Champion: TTT Watchtower Worthy Adversary: TOSFHQ Shanewalker Maybe Next Time: KS Tali 4th place: [A&C] Italdan 5th place tie: Ironstein, ChuFye 7th place tie: TOSFHQ SJ, Euphorics 9th place tie: Jing, BigGreek, Chuck Brickson, Vulva 13th place tie: Gentle Step, Nguboy, MJI Solomon rage, Mr. MKL 17th place tie: MaxX, Awnerd, Marlonlonmilk, Shen, Squishy, Brad, GlennS, FasterGrace 25th place tie: Tatenda, TTT…