mortal kombat patch Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Patch 10/04/2016

Mortal Kombat Patch went live today. Boasting a huge array of improvements and fixes to help us survive the game till Injustice 2 comes out. Why is this important? Every game needs a fix and this patch includes the PC version update as well. Read more about the patch change list below.

Games Finished Adequately Speedrun

Games Finished Adequately – Oct. 15th

Games Finished Adequately is back this October.’s very own speedrunning event is upon us yet again. We stepping it up a notch this time around. Games Finished will be part of Unplugged Expo this coming Oct. 15th. Read more after the break.

TTT SFV Weekly Street Fighter

TTT SFV Weekly – 09/21/2016 Results

Thanks to everyone who came last night TTT SFV Weekly. You guys are awesome. We are still hitting 30+ players in our tournaments with around 15 for Super Turbo and maybe 10-15 casual players. It was definitely hectic last night with players who came back from the dead making a show and one of the EVO Directors dropping by as well. Good job and see you guys next week. Practice for Rumble.

TorontoTopTiers Events Calendar Events

TorontoTopTiers Events Calendar host a lot of events all year round. We host Street Fighter Toronto events and other fighting game tournaments. Check out the TorontoTopTiers Events Calendar by clicking this Article.

TTT SFV Weekly Street Fighter

TTT SFV Weekly – 09/07/2016

Thanks to everyone who came to TTT SFV Weekly last night. Even with school starting, we still had a healthy 40 players. Read results and catch the archive after the break.

Overwatch has reached 15 million users overwatch

Overwatch has reached 15 million

According to a recent tweet from the company, Overwatch has reached 15 millions users and climbing. It’s safe to say that Overwatch is now one of the most played games out there. Read more.