Stun City SFV Weekly - 03/30/2017


Thanks to everyone who came to Stun City SFV last night. Hope everyone enjoyed the new venue. As everyone who was there probably noticed, we made sure that you guys have ample space to move around in. Thanks to Meltdown/Alvin Acyatan for letting us design the venue. Check the score after the break.

Stun City SFV - 03/30/2017

Shoutouts to the players that came and participated in our weekly and our two players who showcased their skills in the exhibition.


Tournament Archive:

Highlights for me last night
-Everyone enjoying the atmosphere of the bar.
-Super Turbo guys loving the couch we put behind them. Naming it the Old Man Couch because of Old Man Games.
-ELeague was on one of the screens and the crowd was real into the Kbrad vs Wolfkrone match.
-Flipside stopping Rass' fun.

See you guys next week. Feedback is good as well so feel free to tell us what you liked and didn't like about the venue. We are in our testing phase.


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