TORYUKEN 2 – Thank You

What an exciting weekend it was. There were lots of laugh, lots of tears and of course, lots of hype. Thanks to everyone who came to TORYUKEN 2 this weekend. It was definitely a long weekend for most of us and I would like to personally thank everyone for supporting our event. I would like to say a few thank yous to the people that made TORYUKEN 2 possible.

Lots of thanks has to be said but the most important is definitely the people that made TORYUKEN 2 a success.

To The TorontoTopTiers Team:

  • TTT_RXS (Vince) – Awesome quality stream as always. He did fell ill on Saturday but he is ok now. Thanks for everyone who asked.
  • TTT_Kellfire (Moon) – 2nd Streamer who you guys may have not seen that much since he was in the back streaming Non-Capcom games.
  • TTT_DarkDeath (Mike) – Trailers, Graphics for the streams, badges and helping with everything.
  • TTT_Watchtower and TTT_TeeVo – For directing the Capcom brackets.
  • TTT_Mr. Mortified – for modding and helping with whatever was needed.
  • TTT_Dafleks (Alex) – Lugging equipment back to A&C World and helping with everything.
  • TTT_Future (George) – Helping with everything. Door, equipment drop, return, NOS give away, registration and whatever else that needed assistance.
  • TTT_Esseph (Esjay) – Helping with everything. Equipment setup, door, registration.


Thank you to our Volunteers who helped out in the event. There was a lot of tasks that needed to be done and they were awesome at pretty much everything that needed to be completed.

  • Josephine
  • David Fahrina
  • Matthew AsianBoy Fu
  • Trey Caesar
  • Kevin Kim
  • Jin Vo
  • Jacky Lau
  • Stefan Johnson
  • Eddie Pham
  • Ryan O’Connor
  • Oliver Kanto
  • Brian Canuto
  • Guled Osman

Vince’s Backup Streamers:

  • Mike – Ralston Install stream who took care of MK and Injustice on Saturday and the better part of Sunday Stream.
  • Duncan – Who took care of the stream when Vince fell ill. Thanks for being awesome about.
  • Jordan – Who took care of the stream when Vince fell ill. Thank you as well for being there when needed.

E-Sports Canada:

Thanks to you guys for helping out with the event as well. Definitely great to have you.

We were made aware that a few non-official volunteers started helping so we do want to thank you guys as well. We can’t name all of you but we do appreciate your assistance when needed.


  • Emily – For Handling SSFIV Brackets
  • Raymund – For Handling UMvC3 Brackets
  • Jared – For handling SFxT and helping out with AE and UMvC3 Brackets

Bracket Organizers

  • Eddie, Matt, Kevin, Oliver, Brian, Trey, Jin – For running the Capcom Brackets the entire weekend.
  • Jacky, and Ryan – For running Airdasher Brackets.
  • Serge – For running MK and Injustice brackets. Certainly not an easy task for 1 person.
  • Barry – For running Tekken brackets in a timely manner.
  • Stephan – For running KOFXIII brackets.


We want to thank our sponsors as well. They full deserve their own praise for helping make TORYUKEN 2 what it is.

A & C Games – For providing 75% of the equipment used in TORYUKEN 2.

Mad Catz INC. – Provided prizes for the 1st place winners.

GDLK Apparel – For the TORYUKEN 2 T-Shirts. Contact if you want one of those TORYUKEN 2 T-Shirts.

1UP Games – For providing equipment.

The Travelling Circus – For providing prizes to give out to players.

Gutsy Geek – For providing Tekken pot bonus. Visit his blog to get gutsy.

Mortal Kombat United – For providing MK pot bonus. Visit for MK and Injustice community.

Comics and Gaming Magazine – Thanks for providing prizes for our players.

To Our International Guests:

We would like to thank EMPIRE for making the trip to Toronto for TORYUKEN 2.

  • EMP_TriForce
  • EMP_Yipes
  • EMP_Santrax
  • EMP_Dieminion
  • EMP_CrazyJoe
  • EMP_Maxter

We would also like to thank:

  • BeeBall – Coming all the way from Vancouver.
  • CCG_Jozhear – Coming all the way from Calgary.
  • MTL Players – Always a pleasure to have you guys come in full force.
  • Ottawa, Oshawa, London, Belleville and any other regions that came to TORYUKEN 2.


Coming soon once we filter out every picture in our camera.

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Not every major is perfect but TTT does try its hardest to bring you the best quality in tournaments.
We would definitely like to hear everything you have to say about TORYUKEN 2.

If you have any concerns, comments or just general feedback about TORYUKEN 2, please let us know.Send an email to

Our priority in our events is always to make sure that everyone had a great time but in the case that you didn’t, please let us know.
Good or bad, these are thing that makes us more aware in our future events.

We thank everyone for making TORYUKEN 2 a historical event and hope to continue bringing you the very best in Tournament experience.