Welcome to BFGC's Ranking Page

Welcome to Buffalo Fighting Game Community\'s (BFGC) Ranking Page. This is a joint project between BFGC and TorontoTopTiers (TTT).

Do you have what it takes to be #1? Find out by participating in all of our local events!

BFGC collects data for all ranked tournaments. Individual match and set scores are recorded so players can track their progress throughout the season.

Players earn a set number of points based on how well they placed. The breakdown is as follows:
1st: 30 pts.
2nd: 20 pts.
3rd: 15 pts.
4th: 12 pts.
5th: 9 pts.
7th: 6 pts.
9th: 3 pts.
13th: 2 pts.
17th and lower: 1 pt.

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