MvC3 Community Videos – UPDATE: 2 MORE VIDEOS!

The MvC3 community is still pumping out the bite sized videos showing many different capabilities in the game! I’ve embedded videos where Modok can do many cube combos, Trish can call someone with an OTG assist in the corner and a bunch of other info and videos! All after the break.

MvC3: Trish bonus combo

Maximum Wesker

MvC3 Magic Pixel Mystery

MvC3 Advancing Guard Mystery

MvC3: Modok Cube Combos


MvC3: desk vs ‘STREET FIGHTER’ Shadow mode DLC

MvC3: Arthur combo video 01

On another note, Event Mode has been updated with more missions containing 1v1 and 2v2 matches! Just simply log into PSN or Xbox Live and they will be in the mode on their own!

Also, according to Capcom, MvC3 has shipped over 2 Million units so far!

Again, for the next few days I’ll be updating this post until the end of the week!