Stun City

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What is Stun City?

Stun City is a casual meetup for fighting gamers a like. A place where you are can enjoy the Casual and Competitive atmosphere for your favourite fighting games.

We host a weekly tournament for the most current and hottest fighting games around. Didn’t make the cut in the weekly? We offer a Redemption bracket for players who wants that extra tournament experience against similar level players.

Note: There are two days of the week for Stun City so make sure you visit the right one.


Raiders eSports Bar
49 St Clair Ave W.
Toronto, ON M4V 1L3


Venue Fee – $10 (to play in casuals and tournaments)
Tournament Fee – $5 (to participate in our tournaments)
Spectator Fee – Free to watch the event.

Mondays are for Non-Capcom games:

sc - mondays

We normally play non-capcom games in here. The tournament fees are lower as well.

Wednesdays are for Capcom games:

sc - wed

You can follow our Facebook to stay up to date with Stun City events.