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Desk: SFIV Series Stun Glitches Follow Up to CMV Final

As stated in the prior video Desk has released a follow up to his CMV Final video explaining the details behind certain stun glitches that exist in street fighter 4, and also goes over certain ones such as the last one in CMV Final that some people might have found a little confusing. Make sure to check this out after the jump, and watch the last video if you haven’t already, here!

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Ver.2012: CMV Final by Desk

Desk is back with what he’s called his latest ssf4 combo video, “CMV Final” which probably means that he’s wrapping up videos he’s done for version 2012, and is waiting for capcom’s patch and release of version 2013. He mentions that there will be a follow up video for this video specifically, in his own words: (There’ll be an extra vid going over some of the details of the 2 glitch stun combo at the end very soon. It’s basically, the stun cinematic glitch and a combo counter/scaling glitch in one clip (with a tasty, added juggle potential, vs mode…

House of M, A Magneto Combo Video by HFC Alchey

A new video just came out by HFC Alchey, showcasing Magneto in all his flashy magnetic glory. If you want to see some ridiculous combos with and without assist extensions check this out! Look for one particularly at the end that you might have never been aware of before! You can find this after the jump!

Injustice: Gods Among Us, Anti “Wake Up Attack” Option Select by Aris

Aris from avoidingthepuddle came out with a new video for Injustice, this time highlighting what you can do against characters that have great wake up attacks with characteristics like invincibility. In this video he shows you what a character like Deathstroke can do against Superman in that kind of wake up situation. Make sure to check out his website and subscribe to the ATP channel for great fighting game related news!

“Cutey Tron” A Multi-Team Marvel Combo Video Featuring Tron Bonne by Rikir

Rikir who is one of Toronto’s top level Marvel players has just come out with another cool combo video, this time, for Tron Bonne. With a number of different teams that she can work with for unique and flashy combos! Another character who has fallen under the radar when it comes to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, this girl is still just as dangerous when she hits or grabs the opponent. Check out this awesome video after the jump!

Throw~S (Option Select Throws with H+S specials) In Marvel by NerdJosh

Team Spooky’s own NerdJosh has just come out with a new video showing what possibilities you can create when you use characters that have an H+S special when option selecting it with a throw. In this video you’ll get an idea of that with characters such as Viewtiful Joe, Haggar, and C.Viper! Anybody who does play those characters would be wise to pick up this tech while trying to improve their game in Marvel, as this creates an extra safety net and even a momentum shift when going for throws or teching throws against an opponent. If you’re wondering how…

UMvC3: Nemesis Combo Video “The Ultimate Bioweapon” By Red Man

Red Man, who also made the 3 part series of “Maximum Wesker” just came out with a really cool new combo video with another Resident Evil character, this time It’s Nemesis! While Nemesis isn’t widely used and regarded as a somewhat average character, he shows you what he’s capable of with the right assists to extend his combos, and even his rocket launcher when used properly. Red Man also discovered a really easy looking TAC infinite for Nemesis a while back, and you’ll also be able to watch all 3 “maximum wesker” combo videos incase you have unfortunately missed out…

Injustice: Gods Among us, “Green Lanterns Light” Combo Video by TylerLantern

As it’s been about a month since Injustice: Gods Among Us released, a lot of combo videos have been coming out for just about every character, and Green Lantern is no exception. TylerLantern has come out with a combo video showing just how devastating this character can be in the right situation and with even just one meter. Come check this out if you’re a Green Lantern player looking to improve your combo game, or just to get your own thoughts and ideas in Injustice!

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition: 2012 Combo Video by Bboy_duck

A new SSF4:AE2012 combo video just recently came out by Bboy_duck, displaying a variety of the cast with really cool looking and hard to do combos, as well as some unique ideas for stun/fadc combos you might have never considered to try for your respective character. So sit back relax and enjoy this, while maybe trying this out for yourself!